Qlippie Live

Move over GoPro, there's a new, stylish competitor in town.

Meet Qlippie, the new clippable livestream HD camera. Complete with a wide angle Sony CMOS-R lens and a variety of customizing stickers, this camera is the perfect fashionable companion for the lifestyle blogger and everyday consumer alike.

The clip makes it completely hands-free and ready to take on all your adventures. No need for mounts, tripods, etc.! It's basically a bodycam to-go.

The wide angle Sony CMOS-R lens makes it easy to capture all of life's greatest moments in high definition. Qlippie's free app shows you a live feed of what your camera sees, and facilitates capturing photo, video, slow motion, and livestreaming. You can also edit your content, right in the app.

I, of course, chose the black marble sticker to customize my Qlippie. It really complements my outfits! I didn't mind leaving mine on all day because its sleek, light profile makes it so much more beautiful than its bulky and less attractive competitors.

Check out Qlippie for yourself here, and don't forget to jump on the special early bird price through their Indiegogo--the promotion won't last for long.

This post was created in partnership with @qlippieworld. Thanks Qlippie for providing me with my new travel camera! #qlippieworld #qlippielive


  1. Need to get one of these ASAP.


  2. Black marble is always a good idea ;) Thanks for your blogpost!

  3. I think I'll wait to see the quality of the video before I think about buying it. Are you going to make a video with it in the future?

    Gemma | http://activelygemma.com

    1. Yeah! I'm hoping to have an international trip soon so I can do a fun video with it!

  4. Omg cutest thing ever! Love this beautiful feature!


  5. I need to check this out. I love how you can customize it!

  6. omg this is amazing and i love you jacket x