A Crossroads (+ I'm Hiring!)

I've been at a weird crossroads in my life.

I started blogging 10 years ago as an escape from real life, a way to fuel creativity, and to have a little space on the internet to call my own.

10 years is a long time. Things change.

The industry has waxed and waned many times over. Huge OG bloggers have altered their career paths and/or created exit strategies (some honorable mentions include Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad and Leandra Medine of Man Repeller turning their blogs magazine-style and Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast creating a highly coveted clothing line).

With new platforms came new ways for creators to be influencers (Instagram didn't even exist when I started blogging, can you imagine that?). Oversaturation now abounds. When everyone's an influencer, is anyone an influencer? "App fatigue", a term that would have made no sense five years ago, became a real thing. Algorithms on Instagram and YouTube kind of screwed over creators who have been on the respective platforms since the beginning. I feel like my content is better than ever, and hardly anyone sees it, compared to before. Gone are the old days of growing two thousand followers a day and being featured on Instagram; numbers seem impossible to grow without the help of loop giveaways and other tactics. It's just a lot to keep up with. All of it.

In addition to that, I don't find the same satisfaction posting about what got me here in the first place. Cute clothes, pretty makeup, what version of avocado toast I decided to photograph and eat this morning. It all feels so...empty. I'm not knocking anyone who posts this, because I still do too (I mean, just look at the photos in this post), but I have so much to share with the world and I'm afraid of my only impression on you guys being this one-dimensional view of who I am.

I'm someone who fights for human rights. I'm someone who rescues animals. I'm someone who looks out for people financially struggling because heaven knows I grew up in their position. I'm someone who makes spectacularly ugly faces, who has 10,000 inside jokes with their significant other, who hates smiling but adores laughing, and who is bad at dancing and does it anyway.

There's the option of starting a YouTube channel. But that made me wonder...is it too late? I'm so far behind in that sphere. I'm not sure if you knew this, but I've been filming and documenting my life for YEARS. Like, since 2012 or so. At the conclusion of each video story, my own fears of starting too late kept me from putting those clips up.

All these things had kept my spirits down over the last year or so. People say numbers don't matter, but they absolutely do when that's how you make your whole living. However, I've luckily been afforded the opportunities to find intrinsic value in helping other companies grow in the digital space behind the scenes, which helps me stay sane and motivated immensely. It gave me room to just say, "Eff it", and do whatever I want on the internet. You'll notice a lot less in-your-face ads and cheesy product placement, because I'm posting a lot of things that I want to post, instead of whatever makes me money.

I finally feel freed up to extend that carefreeness and desire to create, without worry of numbers or stats, into the YouTube space.

This post was a half-vent/half-job posting, because with all that being said...I am looking for a video editing/graphic design intern for a PAID internship!

If you're a self-starting and motivated video editor and graphic designer, please email me at eugenie@feralcreature.com with your resume and portfolio--hope to work closely with one of you soon!

Missguided top / Glamorous pants / Sol Sana boots


  1. Good Read!! I love how you expressed some of the other sides of yourself :)

  2. This is awesome babe. Such a real post. Will think of anyone who does video to send to you!! xxxx

  3. I love hearing your views on this. I can not wait to see your new video content that you and your team come up with.

  4. Yes, yes and yes! I don't think it's ever too late to start anything. Everyday is a new beginning!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your videos. I feel so disenchanted with IG and blogging at the moment and I'm only 3 years in.

  6. Oh my god what a great gig! You're going to have the luckiest intern.

  7. Really good read. I'm really bummed and get very bored with my feed since the algorithm change :(

    People are so desperate to get seen they will start a company line with giving away free swim suits before even selling anything or having any content but a giveaway until?

    Love your posts and that you stay true to you ❤️

  8. IG is so discouraging... I recently stared my YouTube and its fun! Good luck in your journey!!

  9. Love this realness! Never too late! I can't wait to see what you bring to YouTube!

  10. So looking forward to seeing your video content!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  11. I feel you SO hard on a lot of this stuff. The blogger space is so oversaturated with so many lookalike cookie cutter bloggers. It's very disheartening right now. Sending you so much luck for your next venture!
    Abby @clothesandpizza

  12. Really great read. I've only been blogging (less blogging more influencing) for a year and I'm frustrated, so I cannot even imagine how you feel and rightfully so. Thank you so much for helping pave the way for this industry and please know, no matter how hard any of us try, we will never catch up to you. You have real experience, organic, longtime loyal followers and brand relationships that bots, engagement pods or giveaways can't buy. I can only speak for myself but I genuinely respect and aspire to be like you and a Chiara - the right way. I don't just want a high number, I want to be an escape or inspiration for people who follow me because they legitimately like me (and laugh at my jokes). I feel like I started too late on a daily basis and that I now need to go the route of quantity over quality to even be seen. I needed this reminder today to remember why I started blogging. Lastly, you should absolutely start posting your videos. I look forward to watching! You rock!

  13. I wish I had those abilities , would loved to have worked with you-Paul

  14. There is no 'too late' in timing. When IT is started, it is the right timing. The arrow goes a lot faster and stronger when it is pulled way back. I can not wait to see your YouTube. You will fly high🏹✈️

  15. I always appreciate your posts so much. You're one of the realest "influencers" I know and I respect you so much for that. If only I had the video editing/graphic skill level you're probably seeking, it would've been a pleasure working with you. Good luck in the hunt!


  16. So glad that you are finally coming to youtube. Every since your Playboy closet interview I have just been intrigued by you and your darker style. I'm so happy its finally happening

  17. I would love to see more of "you". IG feels so commercial anymore. So much of the content out there is running together and becoming indistinguishable. It would be refreshing for a change of pace! Best of luck on your talent search. Wish it was my are of expertise