VIDEO: Supercharge Morocco

You guysss. I uploaded a video on YouTube! Are you proud of me? I'm imagining the photo above is of you, giving me a high five.

A little bit about my Morocco trip:

I went with the raddest influencer travel agency, Supercharge. They're based right here in New York City and travel the world with creators. I helped bring some people on board last round, and since I happen to know some seriously talented people, some of my best friends naturally joined us.

I knew this trip would be amazing, but I didn't know the extent of that truth. "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" was the theme of our weeklong excursion. We traveled from city to town to city to the Sahara Desert and back. We had the option of getting SIM cards but we opted to have no phone service and stay off the grid (for the most part). We went camel riding. We camped in the Sahara Desert. We rode ATVs. We went on a hot air balloon ride. We sang, we danced. We soaked up the culture, luxuriated in each other's company, and made some lifelong memories and friendships. I have some moments I will hold dear to my heart forever; like, I legitimately want to cry because they were so moving.

Every single one of us left saying this was our favorite trip ever. That's such an accomplishment.

I just wrapped my third #SuperchargeTrip last night to Cuba. Stay tuned for updates on that, it was quite the learning experience!


  1. The video turned out so good! Can't wait to see all the amazing shots and videos you guys end up posting from Cuba too!

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