Jenn Im presents: Eggie

I'm so happy to announce that one of my very bestest pals Jenn has a new clothing line named Eggie!

Eggie is a cute take on the phonetic spelling of "baby" in Korean (ae-gi), and a perfect name for my little baby angel's new line.

Self-labeled as for people "from polished to punk" and for those who "push the boundaries of fashion" with a gender-fluid selection (HELLO, IT ME), everyone is sure to find a piece (or five) that they'll be proper obsessed with.
For my first look, I chose this red-on-red ensemble. The mix of textures broke up monotony and made each piece *pop*. I'm surprised with how badass this feminine getup could get.

For the second look, I rocked an oversized long sleeved tee (very Kanye-esque) with "EGGIE" emblazoned down the sleeves. I rocked it with some of my current staples: a beret, my thigh high patent leather boots, and a new seatbelt belt I acquired.
I love love love Jenn so much and I'm so excited to incorporate her line into my wardrobe staples. I know I have a lot of Clothes Encounters fans here, and I know you guys will love this line as much as I do!

Check out Eggie here and let me know what you think!



  1. Ok so I love that orange look and I am also in love with the red skirt!!! Also LOVE that I can afford them like hellooooooo this is AMAZING

  2. Ooh congrats to your friend for launching their first clothing line! I'm loving the items you've picked, especially in the second outfit. Good luck to Eggie!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  3. Love these photos so much! You look absolutely amazing in her line! It's almost like it was made for you! <3

  4. in the orange one u rock

  5. So proud of Jenn <333
    Love how you styled these!

  6. Jenn's line is incredible!! I loved the unboxing on your insta. Looking forward to more partnerships with them

  7. nice collection you rock gal....