Traveling the Snupps Way

We all know the style struggle.

It's ultra-tedious and overwhelming to stare at your messy closet and think about what you're going to wear--whether it's a cute outfit for school, a glam look for a fancy night out, or a two-week long vacation abroad. For so long, I wished there were an easier way to go about it.

I had heard one genius idea that Lindsay Lohan of all people incorporated into her lifestyle. She kept all her accessories and shoes in the boxes they came in, snapped Polaroids of what was inside, and taped them on the outside of the appropriate boxes. How cool, right? You can see what you have at a glance and from afar, without having to rummage through your closet or fumble through piles of stuff.

Unfortunately, not all of us are wealthy multi-millionaires with tons of room for boxes or even the money for all those Polaroids (hey, those photos cost about a dollar each!).

Now, I know what you're thinking. "If only there were a digital alternative!" Well...there is! Introducing Snupps, the app that changed my life. It's a platform in which to categorize all your belongings (not just clothes!) and organize them by "shelves" in whichever way makes the most sense to you. I currently have shelves for categories of clothing such as shoes, harnesses, and sunglasses, but I also have trip-specific shelves going, like my Mexico wardrobe and the entire skincare routine I utilized on that trip.

Another awesome aspect of it is that there are communities dedicated to talking about the things you all love: fashion, beauty, thrifting, nail art, you name it. I love being able to gush about my new acquirements. You KNOW I shared my excitement with a group as soon as I got these Gucci sneakers.

And best of's FREE. Join and see how useful it is for yourself! I would have never thought to assemble this outfit had I not mixed and matched things in my shelves. It's so easy to forget about pieces when they're buried on the bottom of your closet, but with Snupps, you'll never overlook a thing.

Check it out! Download it on the App Store or Google Play and add me @feralcreature. Comment here with your Snupps username so I can follow you back!

This post was sponsored by Snupps but all opinions are completely my own!


  1. Love how you styled them, specially with those brown pants! And also the fact that you are in my city!! So weird seeing through your insta stories places that i go or know haha.
    Saw your instastory about this post and had to check it! My user name (instagram, don't know if you meant this) is: @naguiyami
    Also, hope you enjoy this beautiful city!!!

  2. That's a pretty great idea, I don't really have enough clothes to deem it necessary but hey. Also I love that harness you're wearing!

    The Quirky Queer

  3. 1) Those Gucci sneakers are the most amazing things ever
    2) I had no idea about the Lindsay Lohan shopping trick but so smart! Totally stealing that
    3) I'm going to have to check out this Snupps and give it a try- sounds cool!

    Amber |

  4. omg! this is like what cher had in clueless!!
    definitely, going to check it out!

  5. Adorable hat

  6. love that harness!