New Skincare Brand Alert: The Ordinary

Many beauty brands claim innovation, be it in results, sustainability, price point, etc. but few truly impress.

New skincare brand The Ordinary by Deciem, however, has taken the beauty world by storm.

The Ordinary believes the skincare industry lacks integrity. Commonplace technologies are repackaged and remarketed as "groundbreaking" while pricing strategies leave consumers confused and in the dark. The Ordinary's motto is "Clinical formulations with integrity". I can dig that.

The Ordinary supplies your skincare routine steps outside the basic cleanse and moisturize.

First of all, let's talk the bottom line: price point. It's tough shelling out a ton of money for extra frills when you have other bills to pay. Skincare is quite the monthly investment. The Ordinary has a mindbogglingly low price tag attached--all my selections here range from $5.90 to $14.80 (the latter being the most expensive product the line has).

Next, let's talk results. Check any beauty blog, forum, or website, and you'll see users praise the effectiveness of The Ordinary. You're literally paying for "clinical formulations with integrity"--these are formulations that would run in the hundreds of dollars elsewhere, for an average of maybe $9.

Finally, I know we millennials are all about aesthetics, and the packaging is chic AF.

My personal favorites:

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% ($5.90) - Seriously a formula good for all skin issues. I personally got it to control sebum and reduce the appearance of blemishes. This is one of the highest-dose Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) formulas out there.

"Buffet" ($14.80) - A multi-technology peptide serum created for the purpose of targeting multiple signs of aging at once. Hey, I'm 27! It tackles hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, and texture.

Caffeine Solution 5% + ECGC ($6.70) - The high caffeine dose, combined with the EGCG extract from green tea leaves, boasts a solution for undereye circles and puffiness. It's like a cup of coffee for your face!

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution ($7.20) - Good for a weekly chemical peel at home. Don't use this if you're not accustomed to at-home peels or if you have sensitive skin. Also, this product is beet-red and hilarious when you put it on your skin. The acid in this is balanced by Tasmanian Pepperberry to help reduce irritation, hyaluronic acid for comfort, Vitamin B5 for healing, and black carrot as an antioxidant. Use sunscreen religiously in the day while using this (but you should be using sunscreen anyway!).

Glyocolic Acid 7% Toning Solution ($8.70) - A mild exfoliant good for daily use (once per day, preferably at night). While strong chemical peels provide instant results, they can also seriously mess up your skin if you don't know what you're doing, so I'd suggest using this one for a controlled result. Think of it as a Jergen's gradual self-tanning lotion vs. getting a really crazy spray tan that you hate and you're stuck with for a while.

And there you have it! While I was not paid for this post, I did reach out to Deciem to try their product gratis for you guys. I thought such a revolutionary company was worth writing about.

I'm excited to try the rest of the line but there are so many appealing offerings, so tell me what you buy, try, and love in the comments!



  1. I checked out the reviews and it looks great. I will definitely try this product. It is hard to find good and affordable skin care products. Thank you for Sharing!

  2. I've been seeing this brand all over the internets lately, mostly with positive reviews. I appreciate the company's transparency. Sun protection is a big priority in my skincare routine, and I find it difficult to find a facial sunscreen/moisturizer/serum that does not create a dewy, whitish effect. Anyone have any recommendations?


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