Quintessential Moments on Snupps

Two months ago, I wrote about how Snupps helped organize my closet and changed my life. However, I wanted to save my favorite feature for another day. The time has come, as I revel in the tropical grounds of Costa Rica.

I'll admit that packing was quite the battle--my unfortunate routine of unpacking, repacking, unpacking, repacking (and repeat) gets old fast. I'm so decisive with everything in my life except what to wear! I realized that I should have planned better. I finally made it through and made it here with the help of Snupps--and I'm enjoying the view while I’m at it. Consider this your friendly reminder that it’s never too early to start planning your vacation looks--and don't forget to take advantage of the ability to do so on the go.

Want to know what I packed? Or maybe where I got these frisky tassel earrings? Or who made this insane dress? Follow me for quintessential moments on Snupps (@feralcreature). Blogging and Instagram often take time--time to shoot, edit, then tag and post. You would have likely found out about this look weeks after I got back. But follow my Moments on Snupps and you can get dibs on everything I packed and wore instantly--and make note of it for future use.

Moments is a feature that I use to tell a visual story by sharing photos of my outfit then tagging the items along with my friends and followers. Once you click the tagged items on my Moments, you’ll be directed to that shelf. It’s everything you need to get those outfits going before falling into a style rut or losing that crazy good outfit inspo you wish you saved. And it’s fun to rummage through!

I know you have your next getaway planned and your outfits are a priority, just like mine are to me, so take advantage of Moments and plan those travel essentials now while they’re still fresh in your mind.

Check out Snupps here and don't forget to check me out at @feralcreature!



  1. i love the contrast dress and earrings, all the set is perfect


  2. Gosh I miss Costa Rica, you look so sun kissed and amazing. Also those earrings!!!

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Such a comfortable look especially for a vacation getaway. I love it!