It's Litt(man)

Tackling the struggles of decorating a tiny NYC apartment in a big way.

NYC apartments are a struggle to deal with sometimes. There's not enough space. The layouts are strange. Older apartments, though charming, can be run down, and newer apartments work just fine but every unit across the five boroughs looks exactly the same. I'm in the latter category.

I'd always wanted some pre-war digs but I ended up here due to wanting a treasured washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.--the pleasures in life I took for granted in LA, lol. My apartment has grown on me, but it lacks so much character. Every fixture is a run-of-the-mill, bought-in-bulk, blah piece. The place really needed some spicing up.

I wanted to start with changing the light fixtures. Lighting is everything to me--I thrive on big windows that let sunlight flood in during the day, and beautiful, romantic fixtures that illuminate my home at night. Light changes my mood and makes me more productive, and being in an aesthetically inspiring place fuels my creativity.

I discovered Littman, a premiere lighting company that houses many of the top lighting design names under its umbrella. I'm an interior design geek, so scrolling through their stunning offerings made me weep...oh, to have the space to own a 50" tall chandelier!

I had to make do with what I have (and couldn't even get a ceiling light because of my extremely high ceilings that nobody can reach, sigh) but I found two absolutely PERFECT fixtures from Corbett Lighting (a Littman brand) for my taste and my space. I loved them so much I got two of each!

Here's what I was working with before *shudder*...the one on the left is what my closet + bedroom sconces looked like, and on the right was one of the pendant lights in the kitchen (with a very yellowing wire).

The first is Corbett's Tiara in Vienna Bronze. Beautifully resembling its namesake, it gives my kitchen countertop a royal touch and makes me feel like the queen of her castle at my dinner parties. I was looking at my old lights and wondering how I ever lived like that.

The second pair is Corbett's Amadeus sconce, also in Vienna Bronze. For my bedroom, I wanted a more whimsical and romantic vibe that would still go with my darker decor, and the Amadeus feels almost gothic. I installed one above my dresser mirror and one above my double clothing rack!

I'm also ecstatic to announce that I'm flying into LA tomorrow to apartment hunt next week! I'm getting a second home in my first home! One item on my checklist of apartment features I'm hunting for is slightly lower ceilings than what I have now, because mama wants her Littman chandelier, haha.

Redecorating my living spaces is one of my favorite pastimes, and now I'm going to have two of 'em. Stay tuned for more interior upgrades!

This post was created in collaboration with Littman.


  1. It's amazing how much the fixtures impact the space as a whole. Beautiful! I'm experimenting with decorating my living space, I want to see if it impacts my motivation and creativity.