Uber: Asian Heritage

Aesthetics and ethics, can I get an “amen”?

My visit to Uber HQ was for a purpose near to my heart - intersectionality! Uber invited three
other powerful women and me, all of diverse backgrounds, to explore and extend the discussion
of cultural awareness through our Asian heritages. It also didn’t hurt that their office is absolutely
breathtaking as well.

Uber cares so much about not only bettering the experiences of their customers, but also
intrinsically building up their employees from within. They have multiple ERGs (Employee
Resource Groups) for all walks of life - Latinx, Black/African American, LGBTQ+, and more. I
got to meet with some members of Uber’s Asian Heritage ERG. Even within our Asian Heritage
group, I saw intersectionality on both the team's side and the influencer's side. Time and time
again, I find myself disappointed in being the token POC (being a light-skinned AKA yellow
Asian is "safe" OR having a group of Asians on a project be ALL East Asian. Asians are not a
monolith. We come in all colors, and the default Asian that comes to mind shouldn't be an East
Asian all the time! I was so pleased to find that the team was made of up a multitude of
backgrounds, and that the influencers were made up on South Asians, a Southeast Asian, and
an East Asian (me!).

Uber and Asian Heritage’s dedication to mentorship and growth through their employee
resource groups is an example for all corporate environments. They frequently hold company-
wide activations to educate everyone about the things that make us so beautifully unique - the
Asian Heritage ERG even had one of their South Asian mothers come in and teach the chefs
how to make her recipes for lunch! It’s small (but huge!) things like this that can make people
feel fully supported and valued. Corporations, especially tech companies, can seem like they
are only made for select groups. Asian Heritage’s mission to make sure that all Asians feel
welcome and empowered to thrive within the company is so inspiring.

After spending the day getting to know the Asian Heritage ERG, we closed with laughter and a
very Asian refreshment: boba! We soaked in each other’s stories and connected over our
individuality, which makes for a pretty unforgettable venture.

It’s so thrilling to see a company like Uber taking the initiative to empower their partners to
embrace their uniqueness. Thank you Uber for sharing this marvelously introspective day with

Check out Uber's Asian Heritage Employee Resource Group HERE.


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