Take You on a Joyride

Running during my travels is such a beautiful and productive way to explore new places on foot.

This week, I visited Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Did you know that Wyoming is the least densely populated state in the continental US, ringing it at a whopping six people per square mile? That's precisely what makes the state so overwhelmingly stunning.

Untouched natural beauty abounded all around me as far as the eye could see. It was coaxing me out to come play. And play I did.

I make a point to pack one solid workout set per trip, to both motivate me to get out there and run, and also to minimize bulk in my suitcase. I went with a breezy bra and shorts, and the light-as-air Nike Joyride running sneakers.

I departed from our lodge and traversed up and down hills, marveled at gorgeously isolated homes, discovered forgotten farms and fences, and met many animal friends along the way, all of them friendly.

Running in nature vs. the city is a remarkable experience and I can't wait to do it again. Shop Nike.com for the Joyride to check out the sneakers that made it all possible.

Next stop for these sneakers and me: Tulum!

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