Windswept Warrior

This is my favorite athleisure outfit EVER.

I've been working with Nike for quite some time now, and I can't believe they keep knocking it out of the park. This nude look is SO dope and I felt so cool in it. It can be layered into a multitude of different combinations. I love wearing leggings under workout shorts; I think it's incredibly stylish. I love that there are varying tones of nude and sand in this look that all complement each other.

I'm actually wearing two different pairs of Nike sneakers in this photo because I couldn't decide which I wanted haha. I want these sneakers in all colorways, tbh. They're so cute and comfortable. I've totally become a sneaker fanatic after NYC broke my previously 6-inch platform heel-addicted self.

Check out the tank, shorts, and tights! I'm in love with them.

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