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Tackling anxiousness and restless nights in natural ways with dosist health.

It's no secret that I suffer from crushing insomnia. It's exacerbated by my nighttime anxiety, and while I do have a psychiatrist and sleep professional, I have always stayed away from prescription medication out of fear of using habit-forming drugs. I am constantly in the search for my perfect sleep formula, but one thing remains constant: CBD.

I'm from Los Angeles, which means I've known of dosist and their effective products for a very long time. When they released dosist health, their line of premium, highly concentrated CBD+ formulas for sleep, calm, and relief, my curiosity certainly was piqued. 

I use the relief topical roll-on for my shoulder pain (from sitting at the computer for hours a day) and wrist pain (from my disability). Roll-on CBD is my JAM - I always have a roll-on in my purse at all times!

The calm and sleep gummies are ultra-effective at putting my restless mind at ease or sending me off in peaceful slumber, respectively. They are also ULTRA-delicious, which seemed impossible with CBD/CBG/CBN gummies until now (believe me, I've tried a ton). They're vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and fast-acting with nanoblend technology. Nanoblend helps with faster absorption and onset, greater bioavailability, and a higher concentration per dose. 

I always end my day with the sleep dose drop, which has a mix of CBD and CBN, and the CBN in dosist health formulas literally make all the difference!

dosist health seriously knows what they're doing. Check them out here and let me know what you think! My code EUGENIE20 gets you 20% off until 11/30/21!

This post was sponsored by dosist health.

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