Burn the witch

I was feeling extra witchy this day because my hair was all poofy and straight. Please don't mind my horrible roots.

I LOVE this garter maxi that Skinny Bitch Apparel sent me! It has suspenders on the front and the back and the garter part is made of faux leather. I paired it with my One Teaspoon holster body holster (the bigger and more functional version of the teeny tiny holster bodice) and added this sweet shiny black spiked choker from Dragonberry on top.


I just finished half of my finals! I think I did well. Funny story...at 10 AM this morning I was lounging around in bed because I had just wrapped up studying and I thought my first final wasn't for another 2 hours. I happen to glance over at my syllabus next to me. It says my final is in 15 minutes. Total and complete "OH, SHIT" moment. I barely got ready (didn't even brush my teeth, yuck!) and rushed to school. I was 45 minutes late for my final. Still got a 97% ^_^ I've yet to hear back from the other professor. I hope everyone else's finals/end-of-school-year hurdles are going smoothly!

top by One Teaspoon
choker c/o Dragonberry
photos by Edward Pepper

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