Murder Queen cuz I be killin' 'em

The last photo is a panoramic picture, it hurts my eyeballzzzzz.

Poprageous sent me these wild Olsen-inspired leggings (remember their $55,000 pill backpack collab with Damien Hirst?) for Coachella. I totally wore them during Coachella but I didn't take many pictures at the event itself so I'm styling them here with my new Hellz Bellz gear from Luv B! They sent me this sick Murder Queen tee and a matching Hellz Bellz spiked beanie. And guess what? The beanie's on sale y'all!

I know I said I wouldn't blog until finals are over, but this 24/7 studying for finals thing is really getting to me. I'm going nuts here. I need a break. How the heck do I do this twice a year?

P.S. I can totally vouch for the comfortability of this whole outfit because I am going to be living in the library in it for a while...

beanie by Hellz Bellz c/o Shop Luv B
tee by Hellz Bellz c/o Shop Luv B
leggings c/o Poprageous
photos by Edward Pepper