Light Reading

My buddy Eddie Pepper and I played at Huntington Beach's public library the other day. I thought it fitting that I was wearing a schoolgirlesque outfit. It was even more fitting that my Sav Noir hat read "SINNER" and we ended up reading the more metaphysical stuff. Sorry mom!

Checked out my cool spiked hand brace! It's the Hauntlet by Fox and Owl and it's freaking amazing. It's the perfect accessory for every punk or goth outfit. You probably know Fox and Owl from their really popular leg braces; now they're churning out a ton of new and innovative spiked products. I can't wait to see what they have next!

baggy beach jumper by Wildfox
thrifted skirt
shoes by Jeffrey Campbell
spiked "hauntlet" c/o Fox and Owl
necklace by Style Nanda
snapback c/o Sav Noir
photos by Edward Pepper

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  1. I really like the hand brace but I can't imagine being able to go about my day with it on. I'd probably stab myself.