Skeleton Me

Happy June!!! It's the month summer really begins! I haven't really felt like I've been on summer vacation just because I haven't really had a day off. As soon as school ended, my schedule seamlessly incorporated those new free days and promptly filled them up with more shit to do. I've been working a lot more plus I'm honestly busier on the days I don't work than the ones I do, since I have to cram errands and shoots and working on the blog all in one or two days out of the week. Blahhh but I hope June brings a lot more lazy summer days!

I've been lusting after this acid washed skeleton top ever since I saw it on Nasty Gal, so when Lex & Mila wanted to send it to me, I was beside myself with delight. It's only 28 bucks aaaand you get free shipping on orders over $75! I'm also wearing this adorable thigh garter from Creepy Little Girl. She makes really kawaii accessories--garters, harnesses, phone cases, you name it! And I know a ton of you have been asking me where my shorts are from. They're by One Teaspoon! I bought them during one of Dolls Kills' huge sales on already clearance items. They ended up being like $50!

top c/o Lex & Mila
shorts by One Teaspoon
garter c/o Creepy Little Girl
cuff by Forever 21
photos by Randy Tran

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