Born to be bad

The Well in downtown LA invited me over to play/style/shop/use their workspace however I wanted, so yesterday I made my way over and had the pleasure of wearing some crazy awesome clothing! If you haven't heard of The Well yet, it's a sweet spot that's part clothing store, part salon, and part creative workspace. They carry the coolest brands in-house (and on their online store!) and their salon has a 5-star rating on Yelp--yep, they're that good. In the back, they have this sweet huge warehouse-like space that has projectors, a DJ setup, and even really fancy portable bathrooms outside haha. Companies throw parties there; I've been to a UNIF party and a Joyrich party at The Well. And Connected Fashion Festival (now known as Well Connected Fashion Festival) is held here as well. It's a big event involving a lot of great companies holding sample sales.

The next couple posts will be of a few outfits I styled here! This particular one is by AGAIN. I LOVE AGAIN. Everything is made in the USA and the fit and quality are top-fuckin'-notch. Every piece I tried on was amazing. I love matchy-matchy sets, so I wore this top and bottom together. The top has a textured woven faux leather detail on the shoulders. So awesome. And the whole set is made of 11% silk so it's super lux to the touch. Blah blah blah I can talk about this forever but you should check this out on your own! Links to these pieces + The Well's site are below!

P.S. Oh yeah! Did my hair again! I honestly don't feel complete without purple hair anymore. I know a lot of you guys wonder who does my hair--James Miju at Carlton in Sherman Oaks does! He's super pro at handling blonde Asians, so basically he's a superstar, because everyone knows that's one of the hardest things to accomplish. Contact him at @dearmiju on Instagram or email him at! This isn't sponsored at all, he's just really so awesome at making magic on my trouble hair. <3

top by AGAIN
skirt by AGAIN
sunglasses c/o Wow Vintage
shoes c/o Wasteland
special thanks to The Well
photos by Randy Tran

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