Miss Kennedy

Part II of my playdate with The Well:

I really, really, really love this dress! It was the first piece of clothing I picked out of The Well's whole selection. It incorporates the sporty trend beautifully in a very innovative way. This dress zips up the whole length of the dress in the front and has a cutout back. It's in my current favorite shade, white, and is lined with a contrasting black silk. Just too perfect for words. I want to take up golfing just so I can wear this dress and have the most bitching outfit on the course. And doesn't it remind you of Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich??

'NUFF SAID. I wanted to zip the dress down like this but I don't think I can make it look as good as she does hahaha. Links are below!

dress by AGAIN
sunglasses by Kuboraum
shoes c/o 2020AVE
special thanks to The Well
photos by Randy Tran

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