Once Youth

Warning: Huge photo post ahead!

These are from a photoshoot I did with Once Youth a few weeks back. I look super young and goofy here but that was kind of the point haha. It was a tonnnn of fun and it felt like we were just hanging out and playing for three hours. And afterwards they even took the team out to sushi. :9 I actually became really great friends with them after this! It's not a common occurrence that people you work with become your good friends but we had fabulous chemistry and I couldn't be happier. Check out their store below, they have tons more designs! Including a shirt that has the unicursal hexagram on it, like my arm tattoo!!

tops by Once Youth
styling by Asia Hall
hair by Erika Vanessa
photos by Evan Hall
assisted by Lauren Harvengt


  1. Love love love!! These all look so good, you are gorgeous.



  2. Hey do you take these photos on you own ? : )

  3. So gorgeous! I love your tattoos! x