Tell me I'm your national anthem

Totally forgot that the beginning of this song starts with fireworks (+ I'm listening to fireworks from Disneyland irl while writing this), which is the perfect segue into this blog post. BECAUSE SHORTS! These adorable shorts were sent to me by Lovers + Friends from a random care package they sent just to make my 4th of July even better. They're the sweetest. I actually hung out with them at their showroom/headquarters today...and they sent me home with even MORE goodies. At this rate, half my closet is going to be Lovers + Friends (but who's complaining?). They're also having a sitewide sale! With the code "redwhiteandblue" you get a whopping 50% off anything from July 3rd-July 7th. These are high-quality pieces made with love so this is a super steal.

This top is the ivory version of that black top I wore two posts back and was gifted to me by 90s Lullaby. Interesting story: this top was sold out everywhere except for 90s Lullaby and they wanted to gift it to me! A friend of mine had been desperately looking for this top, and when I mentioned my relief that they had it for her to purchase, 90s Lullaby said to send them her info so they can rush the package of both our tops to me and they would refund the shipping back to her. That is some quality customer service. I have so much respect for their company. Be sure to check out their site and support! Their goods are as rad as their customer service. They're having a 50% off everything sale too!!! Even clearance! I checked!! I swear, companies outdo themselves every year. It's awesome. The code for 90s Lullaby's sale is "ONEDAY50" because it's only valid for one day, all of July 4th. And pssst, my top is still available in their store! And for cheaper than anywhere else I've seen, even before the sale price! As always, links are below. <3

top c/o 90s Lullaby
shorts c/o Lovers + Friends
sunglasses by Forever 21
shoes by Jeffrey Campbell
photos by Randy Tran


  1. Found you on lookbook. Obsessed - following you on Instagram as well.

    x Arushi +

  2. Oh you are so goddamn beautiful, i dont even know what to say.