Summertime Sadness

This post is aptly named, because I return to school tomorrow. The brain is like a muscle in that if you don't exercise it, it'll atrophy. And as excited as I am to return to school to work out and challenge my vegetating brain, I'm feeling tinges of glumness as I look back and realize I didn't really do many fun things this summer. I literally worked from beginning to end. But then I remember I accomplished a lot + got a Big Girl Job and I cheer up!

With alllll that said, here's my Sunday outfit! It's pretty revealing (and was perfect for today's 97 degree Fahrenheit weather) but looks so...NICE. The top is a halter crop top from 2020AVE that buttons around the neck. And it doesn't require a bra, yay! The skirt is white with purple flowers and gold embroidery and is from Fig + Viper, a Japanese brand headed by the beautiful DJ and model Alisa Ueno. It's quickly becoming big, I actually just saw my first Fig + Viper knockoff online. Their international webstore is still under construction, but their Japanese one is open. If you can read Japanese, by all means, proceed. If you can't, check out the clothing anyway, everything's so cute. As for the shoes, they're the Nasty Gal Minx pump again. I don't know how I lived without pumps, they elongate my short legs! I'm 5'3" and they do wonders for my tiny frame! If you haven't seen the whole Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal collection yet, view the video and sign up for a chance to win FREE SHOES FOR A YEAR >>HERE<<. Free shoes. For a year. C'mon.

floral skirt c/o Fig + Viper
minx pump in white c/o Nasty Gal
photos by Randy Tran

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  1. You can translate into any outfit effortlessly. I wish I looked this good in everything.

    The Fashann Monster