I'm a big fan of the unicursal hexagram. It's the thingy tattooed on my left arm, sans the line through the middle (which I added myself to make it unique). If you're not already familiar with this powerful magical shape, here's a quick little intro to it! You already know what a hexagram is; a unicursal one is one that can be drawn without lifting the pen from the paper. It's drawn in one movement. The lines aren't of equal lengths but they can fit inside a perfect circle with all points touching the circle.

The top and bottom points of a unicursal hexagram symbolize the sun and the moon, respectively, and the four other points symbolize the four elements. A hexagram already signifies the interaction and unity of the macrocosm with the microcosm, but the unicursal hexagram in particular displays the unity of the two and the involvement of the four disproportionately smaller points (the spirit-matter dynamic) and the weight of the roles they play in creating paths to achieve this unity. The unicursal hexagram is also a powerful symbol of the phrase, "as above, so below," which means that what happens in the physical world is mirrored with what happens in the spiritual world/the heavens and the earth are bound in unity/everything is connected, no matter how unlikely it may seem.

It is also a common symbol of Thelema, a religion created by world-renowned magician Aleister Crowley. Its "motto" is, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." Followers of this religion seek their true path in life instead of bending to the petty desires of their ego.

I'd give you a more detailed description but I misplaced my books on it haha. Anyway! I shot for Once Youth a couple months ago (who, by the way, have become my very good friends ever since 'cause they're awesome) and they had a unicursal hexagram tank. OF COURSE I HAD TO HAVE IT *wrings hands*. It's powerful energy on a shirt and a constant reminder to look at the bigger scheme of things. Both my hat and belt say "BAD" and are from This Is A Love Song! They're made of genuine leather and the letters are plated with silver. The belt is made for waists (not hips), so it goes perfectly with dresses that need cinching at the waist or any high waisted shorts or pants! My shoes are from my beloved wholesale store and they're Doc Marten-inspired for a miniscule fraction of the price! They're the perfect comfy platform height, are made of black vegan leather with a black heel, and have black spikes. Love that it's blacked out. I know the shipping may be as much as the shoes themselves, but even then, they're ridiculously affordable. Check out all the links below.

BAD snapback c/o This Is A Love Song
BAD belt c/o This Is A Love Song
strappy platform sandals c/o Wholesale 7
photos by Randy Tran


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