Cold light, hot night

I love this denim jacket from Yayer! It's my #1 right now. Light acid washed denim jackets are my fave, and this one is perfect. It has a Balinese dragon panel on the back! The top I'm wearing is actually lingerie! Seven 'Til Midnight is a lingerie company who is trying to showcase their lingerie in a new light; they want to show that lingerie, for the daring (like you and me), can be worn outdoors. I chose this bodysuit and these gloves because they mix perfectly into a variety of outfits! This bodysuit is made of fishnet with PVC panels around the zipper. The panels make it so you don't have to wear a bra (this no-bra thing seems to be a recurring motif in all my outfits). You can control how much cleavage you want to show with the zipper, and I love that you can see some underboob. Underboob's hawt. It has crotch snaps and garter clips, the whole nine yards. The gloves are faux leather biker gloves, so badass. They're easy to get on and off and have studs on the knuckles! Pow! Seven 'Til Midnight can be found at THESE RETAILERS, or online at Yandy, Spurst, and SpicyLingerie.

Hit the jump for all the outfit detail links! Have a great Monday, and for you Americans, have a happy and safe Labor Day!

fishnet teddy c/o Seven 'Til Midnight
biker gloves with metal studs c/o Seven 'Til Midnight
35mm film photos by Edward Pepper


  1. gorgeous outfit! I really LOVE your jacket! <3

    Hayley xx

  2. That denim jacket is awesome, and I love the bodysuit & gloves. Did you use a film camera for these photos or is that just damn good editing? I love them :) x

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