Flirty Girl Fitness PT. II

Here's my latest fitness fashion post! This sports bra by Knyew is a perfect fit, super comfortable, and even though it's white it has complete coverage. I think this is the only sports bra I own that is this good at support and coverage. This 5-panel is also by Knyew! It has a safari print lid and I love that there's a label on the front as well as the back. I usually wear my hats backwards and I like that the back of this one isn't plain. Knyew is a store located in the heart of Las Vegas. They carry top streetwear brands and also have an online shop with a ton of labels, in addition to their private label. I'm definitely stopping by the next time I'm in Vegas. These Origin LA drop crotch pants are an absolute must in your closet. I swear by them. They're so comfortable and I throw them on on lazy days I don't want to figure out what to wear. It's like you're wearing pajamas outdoors. PAJAMAS THAT LOOK AWESOME. And they make any plain whatever-tee look like you actually thought this outfit out. I love these knee high socks from Fig + Viper! They give my outfits a sporty/athletic look. And have you noticed my laces? I've been wanting neon orange laces for a while, and these changed my life. Seriously! They're elastic and make it so you never have to tie your shoes again! I've seen these not only on sneakers, but also on wedges, dress shoes, you name it. They're really versatile. Hit the jump for all the outfit detail links!

boyfriend denim vest c/o Gypsy Warrior
sports bra c/o Knyew
safari 5-panel c/o Knyew
drop crotch pants c/o Origin LA
socks c/o Fig + Viper
shoelaces c/o Hickies
35mm film photos by Edward Pepper


  1. cute outfit you look awesome

    Hayley xx

  2. Love this look and gypsy warrior is perfect