There are a lot of photos of my back in this post because the back of this dress is amazing! It showcases basically your whole back in the best way. Even the part where the skirt begins is perfectly scooped to make it a little more risque and add an air of elegance. Not that the front is any less beautiful! Triangle cups provide coverage while straps criss cross across the upper abdomen before the front of the skirt begins. It' so ingenious. I've never seen anything like it. Since it's a halter dress and so beautiful on its own, simplicity was key in this look. I accessorized with this double arm cuff for a tribal princess look and topped it off with these runes sunglasses. Runes mystify and intrigue me, the word itself comes from the root run-, which means "secret". They were a way of writing long before the alphabet we know today was formed, and has served purposes in magick.

Anyway, I'm headed to NY tomorrow morning! I'm supposed to wake up in 4 hours, actually, but there's just too much to do before I leave. Hopefully I get a chance to shoot outfit posts with photographers so I can update you on my daily looks in real time!

wednesday dress c/o Makeshift Apparel
runes sunglasses c/o Alyssa Panda Eyes
35mm film photos by Edward Pepper


  1. Your hair is so fuggin' awesome! I also love the front detail of the dress. It makes it that much cooler than the basic black maxi.

    The Fashann Monster

  2. wow you are so gorgeous! Beautiful outfit and photos <3

    Hayley xx

  3. You look wonderful in that dress! ♥