the perfect 10

Nasty Gal hat (c/o). Nasty Gal blazer (c/o). Nasty Gal bustier. Nasty Gal jeans (c/o). Nasty Gal clutch (c/o). Nasty Gal shoes (c/o).

Nasty Gal is having this fun 10-day feature where they show you 30 outfits (three outfits a day for ten days) that mix and match statement pieces to create cool holiday looks. What's awesome is that if you buy one item from the sale, it's 30% off. With two items, they're 40% off. With three or more, they're an amazing 50% off! What's not to love? In these photos, I'm wearing a couple items you'll find in this sale! I've been dying to wear sequins and attend glitzy holiday parties recently; it's just that season. I was thinking more along the lines of the typical sequin dress but this blazer knocked my socks off, it's perfect. Forget about your boring blue or black denim and go for these plum/wine-colored skinnies. They're coated, and the sheen goes great with the shiny blazer. Top it off with this bowler hat for a boyish charm!

photos by Jeff F.

This post was sponsored by Nasty Gal.


  1. Great look
    In love with the blazer!

    xo' M

  2. Amazing outfit super hot!!

  3. Just came across your blog, I'm loving your make-up and hair! Makes me miss my white/lavender ombre :) x

    1. Ooh, I had white/lavender ombre before as well! Hair twins!

  4. You pair everything so well, great look!