white out

Front Row Shop top (c/o). Zooshoo skirt (c/o). Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal shoes (c/o).

Winter is fast approaching but that doesn't make me want to wear all-white outfits any less--quite the contrary, actually! Front Row Shop has some of the most unique yet beautifully simple pieces. This top is ethereal and almost has the look of neoprene with mesh cuffs + hem. I paired it with this essential faux leather zip skirt and wore simple silver jewelry to match the silver zipper detail.

photos by Randy Tran


  1. I love this! I love seeing your new make up since you don't always use a lot of eye shadow.. You should make a post about your favorite beauty products :)

    1. I actually did pretty recently, go back a bit and you'll find it!

  2. I love seeing all-white outfits! The top is so beautiful. x