farewell, 2013

No outfit post today, just some thoughts.

It's 12:28 AM and I should be resting for my drive back to SoCal (I'm in Napa Valley) at 4 AM, but I woke up in the middle of my sleep a few hours ago and I've just been lying in bed thinking about this past year. I know that New Years isn't different from any other day, and yet it is...it's such a milestone and monument of both your accomplishments and your tribulations. I'm almost finished with this portion of my marathon, and I look back and see that I've sprinted this year. So much has been achieved in 2013--hopes came into fruition, dreams took flight, and faith was reaffirmed. More than anything, faith in myself grew. I used to be a meek, bullied kid, and it took a while for me to shake off the dregs of the past. This year was the year I saw results in my life--that I was doing something right, that I had so much to offer. It sounds really cheesy, but you just have to believe in yourself! Seriously! I think that some of the best byproducts of what I've been involved in this year was meeting absolutely fantastic people. Blogging and being involved in the industry has opened doors to not only business opportunities, but also kindred spirits (who happen to dress really well). I can honestly say I have met some of my closest friends this year AND have weeded out people with negative energy. Also, I added 2 more rescued dogs to my household, totaling it to a whopping 7...so much doggy love! A lot has changed, even me (in a good way)...I'm beside myself with excitement and anticipation for what's to come in 2014.

Here's to good vibes, better celebrations, and best friends on this New Years Eve.
I wish you all an incredible evening.


  1. Love your positivity! I'm sure 2014 will be even better for you. Happy New Year! xx

  2. Thanks for the inspiration and positivity. I wasn't looking forward to much due to some nuisances towards the end of 2013, but seeing how much you've been able to improve your life gives me the energy to continue to improve mine too.
    Really happy for you on how you've been able to improve your life and be happier, Happy New Year!


    Miss Eliza WonDerland