san francisco is a lonely town

The Skandl moto. Dimepiece top. J+CO pants.

I shot these photos during my San Francisco trip with my amazing friend Stephanie aka Soothing Sista, whom I have not seen since NYFW! My suspicions of us being soulmates were confirmed when we both showed up in identical shoes. We met up for brunch at Namu Gaji (Korean-American food, a must-try) in The Mission and hung out for a bit on her rooftop, which is where she shot this perfect white denim & faux leather-sleeved moto from The Skandl. This jacket came at the perfect time for me since I recently ruined one of my B&W motos in the wash (I have no idea how it got in my laundry hamper in the first place, wahhh), and I love this one even more than its predecessor because it's tons more badass. I paired it with slouchy pants and boots for a tomboyish, almost military feel, and wore a crop tank on top. Said tank has been worn 4 times in the past week because my time with it was literally limited (it says "2013"). Stephanie made a good point that I can wear it 20 years, when it's officially vintage. Hope I have a bangin' bod when I'm 43!

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photos by Stephanie Villa
edited by Edward Pepper