i walk out in stormy weather

Reverse jumpsuit (c/o). Bitching and Junkfood coat (c/o). Karmaloop necklace (c/o). Jeffrey Campbell shoes (c/o).

Since it's winter, and therefore pretty unbearable to show skin, I've been compensating with deep cuts. The summer lover in me gets antsy in the wintertime, probably because she feels suffocated in layers (I'm still not very good at this layers thing). I envy those of you who are soaking up summer rays in Australia SO much. I told my friends the other day that when I retire, I want to have a house in California and a house in Australia, so I'll have summer year-round. A girl can dream!

photos by Jeff F.

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  1. Hi Eugenie!

    I found your looks on lookbook and adore your style.. As an Asian gal myself, I've been considering dying my hair blond but am unsure as to the steps to do so. It's a risky thing to do and I feel like it could end in disaster if not doing correctly. Yours looks amazing, and I love the lavender tint! Could you tell me a little about how the process went for you, and what you have to do to keep it looking good?