no way

UNIF moto (c/o), Nasty Gal top, Nasty Gal jeans, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

I love all the metal-plated goodness UNIF's been doing (I'm obsessed with my UNIF metal bustier), so when Karmaloop sent this moto my way I was beyond thrilled. They really upped their faux leather game, it's really weighty and nice-looking! I think I own 5 or 6 UNIF motos, and this is probably my favorite.

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I'm figuratively sprinting in my last stretch of the school semester, and finals are next week, which means I have almost NO free time on my hands. I haven't had a night out in weeks. I'm also moving into my new office/warehouse/loft/creative workspace thingamajig (yay!) so things have been a clusterf*ck. But getting all this done ASAP is going to ensure I have quite possibly my raddest holiday season ever. Whoo! Thanks for bearing with me! 

photos by Jeff F.