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Hello my creatures!

Since I'm traveling, I wanted to show you guys the beauty and wellness products I use on the daily--everything except for skincare. I'm still getting my skincare regimen down so I want to make sure it's perfect before I share it with you.

First up, we have makeup.

1. Colorpop eyeshadow palettes
2. Limecrime lipstick in Centrifuschia
3. NARS lipstick in Red Lizard
4. Limecrime lipstick in Coquette
5. Becca face primer
6. Make Up For Ever HD foundation
7. Make Up For Ever Pro Finish powder
10. Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow
11. Shiseido eyelash curler
12. Make Up For Ever brow brush

My daily makeup wear consists of products 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. Especially 5!! I have really oily skin but this primer makes your face as dry as a desert but doesn't make your skin produce extra oil in an effort to compensate. It's amazing.

Sometimes, I like to go crazy and/or glam and use 1, 8, 11, and the lippies! I use the neon eyeshadow colors on my lids or, if I'm feeling extra daring, in place of my eyebrow gel. Try it sometime! Take a peek at Lolita Bandita's blog for colored brow inspo. My current fave brand for shadows is Colourpop--their shades are so rich and pigmented and come in neutrals, metallics, neons; you name it.

Here's a tidbit of information never before released: Colourpop and I are going to have an exclusive Feral Creature lipstick. Yeah!! I'm super stoked on it; I created the shade with Colourpop and it's going to be released in the very near future. And you can have it for free. Stay tuned for a giveaway! Speaking of giveaways, I'll have one going for a Colourpop eyeshadow palette on my Instagram today. Check it out and enter; it's super easy.

14. Hair Dessert hair accessories
15. 1.5" QT performance curling wand from Flat Iron Experts
16. 1" Babyliss curling iron from Flat Iron Experts
18. Joico hairspray

I get tons of emails asking for hair product help, so here you have it. My main products for maintaining my shade are a purple shampoo from Sally Beauty Supply called Generic Brand Purple Shampoo (which I forgot to take a photo of, oops); it's almost as good as Clairol Shimmer Lights but for a third of the price.

When you have colored hair like me (remember my pink, teal, purple, and white hair colors?), you honestly can't wash it too often or else the color will fade super fast. I wash mine every 2-3 days. This is where dry shampoo comes into play. Dry shampoo soaks up the oils on your scalp and hair and presumably makes your hair smell better (versus the musky unwashed hair odor), but I had tried countless dry shampoos and nothing smelled very good. But when I found the Kerastase dry shampoo, it was a godsend. It smells so much better than everything else, almost like perfume, and is small enough to toss it in your tote bag for freshening up throughout the day. Shout out to my stylist James Miju at Salon Republic West Hollywood for giving me my first canister.

20. Swanee 180 Cleanse pills

Now we have the health stuff. Swanee pills have effectively detoxed my body and I feel so much more energized. I'm usually a really tired person (sucks because my days are always so busy!) but I feel a lot better now.

On the flip side of things, I also have insomnia. It's the strangest contradiction of symptoms. It especially sucks when I'm traveling abroad and the combination of insomnia and jetlag get to me, because I want to be energized to do lots of things during my trip. I really didn't want to try drugs, whether OTC, prescribed, or other, to aid my sleeping habits because I didn't want to become dependent on them. I had heard about Neuro Sleep from a couple of my friends, and all said it helped, so I thought, why not give it a shot? It seriously does help me fall asleep! I usually lie in bed for hours trying to fall asleep but Neuro Sleep makes the drifting off process a cinch. As for Neuro Sonic, I take one from my fridge to go instead of waiting to make coffee. Neuro Bliss makes me happy, whether it's the drink or the fact that its Sleep and Sonic pals make my life a whole lot easier. Check out the whole line here.

Okay, signing out now because this creature has had a long day and night. Check in tomorrow for my first shoot with a photographer in HK and our outfit post collab!

photography by Randy Tran


  1. Insomnia sounds so awful…hope these nuerodrinks continue to help! Can't wait to see your upcoming outfit posts!


  2. Great insight to the beauty products you use!

  3. Everything is so colourful! Love the eyeshadow palette~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. Vitamins forever and ever. Glad you're feeling better ^_^