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After a brief stint in wifi-less rave purgatory in Phuket (see previous hotel review), I returned back to the Grand Hyatt family like the prodigal son. And, like the fabled father, they received me with open arms.

Natalie and I were actually a little miserable in Phuket because we were so out of our element. It wasn't even a matter of being out of our comfort zone; I am all about trying new things and going down paths unknown. But there should always be a place you can retreat comfortably to at the end of the night to regroup and recharge, and we were lacking that. The Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok restored our faith in our trip. It's the world traveler's home away from home.

Something I admire about the Hyatt chain is the seamless transition of hospitality from hotel to hotel. Even though we were amongst completely new surroundings and in an aesthetically different hotel, the exceptional attention to detail, the staff knowing us by name, and the same quality accommodation made us feel as if we were back at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

Again like the prodigal son's father, the Grand Hyatt welcomed us back with a massive feast at their European restaurant, Tables. To say we were incredibly full would be a grave understatement. My favorites from this brunch (can you believe all this is brunch?) were the lobster, foie gras, and truffle risotto made in an actual enormous wheel of cheese.

The dessert room at Tables

We also had the opportunity to relax at Erawan Tea Room, a tearoom reminiscent of eras past that overlooks the hypnotic Erawan Shrine. I had afternoon tea (voted as Best Afternoon Tea by Lonely Planet Magazine) with the works--sips, sweets, and bites to eat.

My most-appreciated luxury whilst traveling is getting a good old-fashioned massage. In this case, I got a good old-fashioned Thai massage to rejuvenate me and work out all the knots in my body from uncomfortable flights, hours of walking, and lack of sleep.

I have to say this was the best massage I've ever gotten. It was so great Natalie totally fell asleep.

I ended my stay at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok with a girls night out? in? at a restaurant in the hotel called Spasso. Our friend Melody from Singapore came to Bangkok to hang out with us for the week, and our other friend Nün who lives in Bangkok hung out with us for the entire week as well (even though it was her birthday week ). Yay internet for finally bringing us all together! Natalie, Nün, Melody, and I rendezvoused for dinner at this authentic Italian spot. As great as Thai food is, I welcomed the change to carb heaven.

We tried an astounding 16 appetizers and four entrees between us (have you figured out that I really like to eat yet?). None fell short, neither in taste nor presentation.

Not only did we consume more food than would suffice for a small village, but Spasso also surprised us with a flaming bottle of liquor (wish I had photos!) and a coliseum of fruit and alcohol. Grand Hyatt never fails to outdo itself.

Checking out was a sad moment, as it always is, but it was time for the next leg of our adventure. Look out for a Bangkok recap post next! xx


  1. Oh my goodness that food looks absolutely amazing. It's displayed quite wonderfully too. I wish all brunch could be like that


  2. Looks amazing and having a good time there!!


  3. The room looks amazing! And so does the food :)

  4. i love the bathrooms wall paper *O* and all the foods look so good!

  5. such beautiful girls! I'm taking note of these photo diaries of yours next time I visit Thailand! :D

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  6. This place looks incredible, wow!

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