time for a change

Here's something you probably didn't know about me: I'm tired...all the time. All. The. Time. I used to think I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...something most doctors still think is a made up thing. It probably is all mental. I force myself to be productive by keeping myself insanely busy and basically driving myself into the ground, but it's not an enjoyable way to live. My diet is pretty normal, so I feel like the best way for me to revitalize myself is to regularly exercise. I live a sedentary lifestyle--I'm either working at my computer or in my car, driving to meetings and events where I only sit or stand. It's time to make some big changes in my life.

It's easy to fall behind and get lazy with fitness when you're doing in private, so I'm making this public so all of you hold me accountable for my progress. I WANT TO CHANGE. I ideally want to rock climb twice a week and run twice a week...we'll see how that goes!

Here's my first rock climbing post. I'm still a beginner but I'm really proud of my progress so far. I'm also extremely afraid of heights so being able to climb that high and jump off the wall onto the mats below was a terrific feat. My workout was made all the easier with A+ gear that kept me as fresh and dry as possible, and a spacious, low-absorbency duffel bag (in sushi-wrapped puppies and kittens print, no less!) that carried my chalk bag, water, and a change of clothes. And now, my readers can get an exclusive 15% discount off a duffel bag of your choice over at Punchdrunk Panda with the code PDPxFC15 (limit 50, expires December 31, 2014).

I'm so stoked to be working out again. It's been four years since I was last in a gym...eeep! What's your favorite way to stay in shape?

What I'm wearing:
Peach Pop sports bra.
LaSportiva "Katana" climbing shoes (similar here).
Punchdrunk Panda "Sushiverse" duffel bag.


  1. I've started to go jogging again, soon I'll buy a subscription to my towns swimming baths and gym. :) Good luck with your work out!

  2. Eating more helped me immensely when I suffered from chronic fatigue, work it into your change of lifestyle and I'm sure you will feel better :)

  3. I tried climbing but could never get through my fear of heights... the day I thought I was over it a girl fell right next to me and broke her ankle... Even though I know it's something that could've happened even if she was just walking outside it put me off climbing for now. But I want to go back to it, maybe you can be my inspiration for that ;) haha

    For now I just try to run and play around on the aerial hoop (for some reason I feel a lot safer with those heights) and have been seeing a major progress on my strength and even on my general mood. I'm a lot more active now and manage to do a lot more stuff during the day. You should give the hoop a try :)

  4. I've started going to the gym :) Really need to get more fit :)


  5. Oh I love climbing, I haven't been in so long but it's the kind of sport you don't get bored of <3

    The Quirky Queer

  6. Making it public is a good thing to force yourself to workout, another thing I will suggest you do, if you haven't, is that you have someone to workout with you, that will help you a lot. That being said, I think I should get back to my workout routine too, you reminded me that since I started this Summer, I haven't been so consistent. Going from working out a whole week to not working out in at least two weeks. I have to built a routine, I'm going to build a routine. xx


  7. do you have a trainer teaching you?
    it looks really cool, proud of you! :)

  8. does twerking count as working out?

  9. You've made this look so good
    S xx

  10. you look in pretty good shape to me!

  11. Come climb at the Lab in dtla sometime!

  12. I love walking. Just walking for miles. If I know I can walk to where I`m going, I will. Plus, traffic sucks so I`d rather walk :) how do you still look divine when sweating it out?? ugh teach me, master!

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz

  13. My friend was just like you. One day the doctor told him to do everything what he usually do but 4 times faster. He said, "imagine that you are so late", do it for just one week. It was shocked how he changed in one week. He became full of energy, always smiles.
    Try it to, maybe it will works.

  14. Hi, you're tattoo says smart or wise or even wisdom in Hebrew. super cool! greeting from Israel

  15. Does she have a post on her tatoos if so could someone link it please.