Thursday, September 18, 2014

ymi jeans x feral creature

In this post, I style my three favorite YMI Jeans denim in three different ways: feminine, boho, and edgy.

I'm not one for girly wear, but I am one for a style challenge. I put a very Feral Creature spin on a feminine pair of YMI overalls. The last pair of overalls I wore was in 7th grade--they were baggy, beige, and corduroy. Don't judge me! It's painful divulging that information to you haha. After realizing how terrible some of my style choices were back then, I was traumatized from donning adult overalls...until now. I'm actually quite in love with these. As soon as my photographer Randy saw me, he was like, "Damn girl, you look so tall!" And he was so right; these overalls are really elongating! They're also versatile--wear them with the straps up, with one strap, or with the straps and front panel completely down and hanging for a super street look.

It's been a cool minute since I went the boho route. My bell-sleeved Britney Spears-esque top was so perfect for the hot, hot, hot days we've been having. I paired my jingly accessories with some destroyed YMI skinnies and became a boho babe. My favorite distressed denim detail (try saying that five times fast) of all time is on the knees, so I am all about this pair. But the best part is...these jeans make your butt. look. better. You heard me. The line is literally called "WannaBettaButt" and it lifts and contours your booty. I have the flattest ass ever but I 100% see a huge difference when wearing these. *proceeds to order every pair from the line*

And finally, we have the edgy look. You guys are used to seeing my crazy clothing pieces, so this time I decided to focus on the crazy accessories. I had on lucite cuffs and a matching choker with perforated leather shoes, and wore my YMI jeggings to top it off. I usually stay away from jeggings because they just look so fake. Like, come on, are you a legging or a jean? Make up your mind. These actually look like black skinnies but are so comfortable you could probably run and do yoga and shit in them. Fancy pants that feel like pajamas? Hell yes.

What I'm wearing:

photography by Randy Tran



  1. Gorgeous, just simply gorgeous! <3

  2. Absolutely love the first look! But they're all great <3

  3. So fabulous! I love the first outfit the most *-* your crop top is the best!

  4. The first look is stunning and I'm slightly in love with the last one <3

    The Quirky Queer

  5. those overalls fit you like a glove! they look so good on you!
    i also love love love the white heels in the last outfit <3

  6. So obsessed with your second look! I love your belt! And omg I need those jeans. I have no ass haha

    Diane ||

  7. Wow, the fit on that denim is amazing!!! Especially the overalls. And I love how you paired with the cage bra, and white denim jacket. Denim on denim feels very on point right now! :)

    xo, Jilli

  8. HOW do you have flawless style day after day??? Love it all darling-- but you are a goddess in the first outfit! So powerful
    Your eyeliner is to die for too

  9. I love the accesories ! :D

  10. Great style!! You look great.


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