audrey fashion show 2015

Last Saturday, I went to what I thought would be just a fashion show. It turned out to mean so much more to me.

Growing up, Audrey Magazine was a staple in the households of my family and extended family. Audrey is the premiere Asian American magazine and provides what Asians severely lack in the Western world: representation in the mainstream market. And even when we are represented, it's almost always as a background character, and generally women are portrayed as submissive and sexualized while men are portrayed as meek and undesirable. Audrey Fashion Show 2015 not only turned all these stereotypes on their heads, it reignited the burning pride in me that yes, I am Asian American. Each act left me stunned, mouth agape, at the raw talent and passion I witnessed on stage. I walked in expecting a fashion show but I left an even prouder Asian. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes the incessant harassment and prejudice that comes with being a female minority can really break someone down. Events like these are not only necessary to showcase the incredible talents of Asian American artists who are unfairly put on the backburner, but also to instill the proud sense of belonging to one's culture.

Special thanks are due to Audrey Magazine for asking me to cover this event, and to Toyota for sponsoring it. I'm a Toyota driver myself (Prius, holla!) and in both the literal and figurative sense, Toyota's "Let's Go Places" has never rung truer.

The Look:
Armani Exchange top.
Armani Exchange skirt.
Kastor & Pollux necklace.
Hare + Hart bag.

#LetsGoVip #AFS2015


  1. Sounds like such a great event!
    BTW, really love your outfit :)

  2. I wish they had an equivalent in Australia, or if Audrey Magazine came!
    Sounds like a lovely experience, and an excuse to have some fun.


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  3. I consider the location attractive, bgut your outfit is more beautiful!

  4. It's very important to feel appreciated and respected. Glad the event put a spring in your step :)