Monday, March 30, 2015


Going along my previous post, I've been exploring LA more. Yesterday, I decided to traverse Downtown LA by foot and go on a photo adventure with my new photographer friend Valentina, who served both as good company and as my personal paparazzi. I wore breezy separates, my most comfortable kicks, a convenient fanny pack, and my festive new camera strap perfect for the summer. And I know some of you will ask--my camera is the Canon T3i/600D. It's discontinued but you can still find it on Amazon for pretty cheap. I got it for the flip-out screen. :)

The Look:
Forever 21 shirt.
Forever 21 culottes.
Hare & Hart fanny pack.
Punchdrunk Panda camera strap.
Nike sneakers.

photography by Valentina Cytrynowicz



  1. Love your hair! I have the same camera and the flippy screen is awesome :)

  2. So in love with your hair!! The lighting made it look like a vivid purple in the second photo. <3

    Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

  3. Breathtaking! Like this post a lot!
    Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. You look so comfy! I want this fit so bad but I think I may be too short and petite for this style! Super jealous!

    Julie Clopino

  5. Amazing!

  6. I love your easy breezy matching set. And that camera looks amazing.

  7. This is stunning! I love the two piece! Gorgeous print!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  8. your hair color looks so nice!

  9. Gorgeous hair!! What lens do you use on your T3i? I find the kit lens doesn't allow me much depth of field :(


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