New York is home home for me and I have been incredibly homesick recently (this is the longest I've gone without a NY trip in a while, three weeks). But I stopped moping about it and took advantage of LA's warm spring weather and played tourist in my own city. I've become such an East Coaster that I feel like a foreigner in Los Angeles--I'll pass by things I previously took for granted and I'll be like, Wow! Palm trees! Sunshine! Beverly Hills like in the movies! The beach is a quick drive away!

It's funny, but finding "home" in somewhere else can make you appreciate your hometown so much more. Truth be told, I rarely visited quintessential LA things like the beach when I lived only here. I would go for shoots or for waterfront hangs, but my usual sentiments about it were along the lines of, "Ugh, sand. Sun. Water." But now I go once or twice a week. It took being removed from my hometown to appreciate the everyday charm of it. It almost made tangling my brand new weave in the wind all day worth it. You win some, you lose some.

The Look:
Lex & Mila pants.
Wildfox sunglasses.

photography by Randy Tran