the return

It killed me to not work for a bit, but I really needed some R&R to sort out my thoughts and feelings and take care of myself (see previous post to find out why). That time off has been amazingly healing and I'm back, more rejuvenated than ever. I treated myself to books and fancy solo dinners, I made a bigger effort to connect with people, and akin to a breakup, I completely changed my hair (thanks to James Miju). And I really, really appreciate the kind words you guys have sent my way in the meanwhile; never underestimate the impact you make on my life. I've gone through my grieving process and I'm now celebrating life to the fullest--things like death make you really realize how transient and fleeting life is. We can either mope about it or we can make the most of it. I'm choosing to do the latter.

It's good to be back.

The Look:
Lulu*s top.
Dittos denim joggers via Lulu*s.
Jessica Simpson shoes via Lulu*s.
Forever 21 hat.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. welcome back :)
    your top is gorgeous

  2. Gorgeous, love the top x

  3. Love that top on you! Really completes that whole mermaid look.


    coffeeslag: workout gear

  4. It's good to have you back! Glad you're feeling better, too :-)
    The look is so cute! I might be obsessed with that top now...

    Amanda | X

  5. You look amazing, glad you're feeling better xx

    Dana xx

  6. You look radiant! So good to see you upbeat.

  7. the new hair color is giving serious mermaid vibes!! love it. teal 2k15 lol


  8. Still confused how every single colour looks amazing on her. Major hair envy

  9. I really hope that everything continues to improve for your Eugenie, you are such a strong individual so I believe you can come to terms with the situation holistically. Thank you so much for the humbling reminder on your last post that bloggers are human just like everyone of us no matter how "perfect" their online lives may seem.
    Keep up the good work, and bless you.

  10. You look so refreshed and your whole outfit ties in with everything perfectly together!