dark and stormy

I shot these photos in Soho, NYC earlier this week. I'm really digging the witchy vibes. It was super warm and muggy in the city so I had to dress wisely--the top I'm wearing is actually a bikini top, and the dress is a swimsuit coverup! They're some of my recent Nasty Gal sale snags. Incorporating swimwear and workout clothing into everyday looks is becoming a pastime of mine--when the weather gets this bad at home (hot and dry in LA, humid AF in NY), a girl's gotta get creative.

The Look:
Nasty Gal dress.
Deandri collar.
Black Orchid jeans.
Solsana boots.

photography by Christina Emilie


  1. So you basically turned beachwear into a street style look; I can never get enough of you, ugh. I love this look and that necklace collar thing is INSANE.

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. That collar is amazing! Loving the dark vibes in this outfit x

    Dana || fashion-dew.blogspot.com

  3. Love how you incorporated the bikini top and the cover up to create this witchy outfit! Love the hat and the collar too. <3

    In Style Custody

  4. Oh darling!!! I love this dark magic shoot! Such chic perfection-- you look like the cover of Vogue!


  5. So goth, I love it.

    Also, at first I was like, SHE IS CRAZY for wearing that in NYC, but then I read that it was a bikini top and cover up and then I understood. Haha, it's been so freaking hot in NYC lately that I've needed to be basically naked to survive.


    COFFEESLAG Outfit Collaboration

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