sweet cheeks

Fresh on the tails of my post on adventure comes this skincare post. Traveling is super fun and all, but it wreaks absolute havoc on one's skin--mine especially, since it's so acne-prone and sensitive.

Finding skincare that works well with my skin became all the more difficult as an adult. Oily skin became combination, pimply skin became flaky, etc. My skin is not a girl, not yet a woman. A lot of medicated skincare became too harsh for some parts of my face.

You know all those endless coffee scrub things you see on Instagram? I tried it for myself--and it works! Frank Body took the coffee scrub trend a step further and created an entire skincare line.

I use their coffee scrub about twice a week, to slough off dead skin cells when I feel like there's buildup. You scrub your face, leave it on for 3 minutes, and rinse off. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and tight without drying it out.

Their charcoal cleanser is one of my favorites. I'm a big fan of charcoal, be it in your cleanser, on your teeth, or in capsule form, because it draws out impurities like crazy. It smells kind of weird but that's charcoal for you.

And the last step is to moisturize. I never realized the importance of moisturizing until pretty recently, I'm ashamed to admit. Moisturizing keeps your skin from overproducing oil to compensate for dryness and also keeps wrinkles at bay.

I was inspired to post this skincare routine after I was FINALLY confident enough to send a no-makeup, no-filter selfie to someone a week or so ago. Here's the photo:

Granted, this is in forgiving lighting and my hand is covering a zit on my chin lol, but it was a huge step for me. I only started taking photos sans makeup and tentatively going out sans makeup after I saw results from Frank Body. Your skin is your biggest organ, and at times your biggest insecurity, so I wanted to share what worked for me!

The Look:
Frank Body "Sweet Cheeks" bundle.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. Ohmygod your skin looks amazing!!! I've been waiting and watching a bunch of bloggers try out products for acne prone skin, and seeing what results they get... I think I'll have to try this set out... omg I really hope it works for me like it did for you...

  2. Gaahh i totally envy your perfect skin

  3. I didn't realize Frank Body made more than just their coffee scrubs! I need to try that charcoal cleanser now!

  4. I have used the Frank scrub, but no other products. They looks amazing - as does your skin! x


  5. Yay to no-makeup selfie, Eugenie! I have yet to come to the point where I am able to take and send selfies without makeup because my skin is ugly af, but I'm really hoping to fix this. The product line sounds amazing and the fact that I think we've got pretty similar skin type is making me super excited. Will definitely keep my eyes peeled for them!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  6. These look lovely and you take such amazing product pictures.


  7. Thank you for posting this, I need to try it on ! And you are the cutest even without makeup, do not worry :)


  8. Wow, your skin looks incredibly healthy and beautiful! I have a sensitive and acne prone skin as well, and you are giving me hope that it can genuinely get better one day! This products must be really good. I am glad that it works for you!


  9. I'm so iffy on these posts because it just feels sponsored BUT your skin is so super flawless that it makes me want to try it! Haha, no seriously, your skin is gorgeous. Do you never tan?! I go into the sun and 30 minutes later, I'm toffee colored. I so envy people who don't tan easily!


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    1. I can totally understand that! Which is why I posted an actual selfie :) check out their IG account @frankfeedback to see results!

  10. Thanks for sharing this, Im totally going to pick up this set. I hope it works well on my terrible skin, lol. <3


  11. I'm definitely going to look into these products since I'm so into skincare items and I'm always looking for products to improve my regimen. Thanks for sharing these. I always feel like bloggers don't do enough posts on skincare. You're gorgeous so it's awesome to know that you have issues like the rest of us!