fast paced

As my international travels draw to a close, regular life picks up at a faster pace than ever before.
But "regular life" doesn't have to equate "boring".

In the past week, I have had two auditions, filmed one music video (not my own!), had two photoshoots, opened an IRA account, and bought individual stocks. WHAT. Adulting so hard. I also started school today. I'm a business management major and psychology minor, but took time off for a year (maybe a year and a half? It's been so long) to focus on Feral Creature's explosive success. It was a really amazing journey watching this grow...and grow...and grow...and now I think both it and I are at a great, sustainable place, allowing me to take on even more projects--one of them being school. With a mere seven courses left until I finish my business degree, plus my recent burst of being adult AF, the time to tackle my education felt ripe.

I'm anticipating the oncoming hours spent slaving away over textbooks and my computer, and I'm sure you and I are going to be seeing a lot more of each other. Quite looking forward to it.

The Look:
Nun Bangkok 'Y' Crop.
Nun Bangkok Half Light Hood.
Nun Bangkok Half Light Pants.
Nun Bangkok Reel Bag.

All by my lovely friend Nun. :)

photography by Randy Tran


  1. The lighting is so dramatic, and you look incredible. It's wonderful that you're back to regular life, and it's even greater that your regular life isn't boring. Wishing you all the best in school!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. In love with the all white outfit! You look great and pull off the sports-luxe look so well
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. Very nice!

  4. Girl you are so rad! I'm balancing blogging and school right now and can feel your struggle. Congrats on your filming and auditions, break a leg for further performances! Remember to rest! Love yah babe

  5. Love the look! Feel free to check out my blog. I post about lifestyle, post grad, and fashion.

  6. Love the look! I just graduated and am juggling life as a post grad. Feel free to check out my lifestyle blog.

  7. good luck for your upcoming school year!!

  8. you are totes bae. Love you and your style. so on point and way more unique than the many other bloggers out there.