Thursday, August 27, 2015

mixed metals

Chinatown and I have one thing in common: We both come alive at night.

Living in downtown LA has proven to provide me a plethora of amazing shoot locations. Randy and I got creative and shot at night in Chinatown in dramatic ambient light. This is one of my favorite sets ever.

The Look:
Story of Lola top and shorts.
Wanda Nylon jacket (on sale!).
Capwell necklace.
Proenza Schouler shoes.

photography by Randy Tran



  1. amazing!

  2. definitely love the lighting in these <333

  3. These photos are HOT! You rock this metallic suit like no other, and I am so in love with the night life photos. Magical!

  4. Love the way the light hits these pieces, they look amazing! x

  5. You look straight off the set of a movie, ahhh. When I saw the shots on IG, I knew I had to see this post, and I am so not disappointed. Don't think anyone can wear a metallic suit and look so damn edgy at the same time. So in love with the dramatic lighting!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  6. omfgggg this is seriously my favorite post of yours! It's such an experimental and different look from what I've seen. Love it!

    xx, Diane ||

  7. The pictures are gorgeous, I love it!

    Much Love, M

  8. These shots, oh my god oh my god they're stunning! THAT LIGHTING. And the top and shorts? Beaut.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  9. amazing

  10. Gorgeous! You look like you're on your way to punch some dudes on the ring ahah :)

    Maë -

  11. Amazing pictures and futuristic outfit!


  12. Huge huge fan of this,because even though it's futuristic, it's also a slight throwback to the style back in the 90s music - and I'm a 90s baby. There's some bias in there, however, I love the shine. The silver necklace attracts the right amount of attention, and it's simple, which matches with the rest of the outfit - equally reflective and chic with your reflective clothes - I love this outfit!


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