off the grid

I had to remind myself to indulge in some self-care this week.

December is right around the corner, and with it comes an international trip right away starting the first of the month, and then I'm coming back to LA to take my finals at school, and then flying out of the country again. I've been insanely busy with school and work and general end-of-year tying up of loose ends, and I think my health and sleep schedule have been suffering. I never experienced SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) until this winter! I took a lot of time this week to focus on myself and indulge in some me time (thank god for no school this Thanksgiving week)--lots of books, lots of tea, lots of dog and cat cuddles. I'm going to get a HappyLight tomorrow to compensate for the lack of sunlight and shake off the dregs of this yucky mood. Never forget self-care, guys! Thankfully, I'm jetting off to Costa Rica in a few days. There's nothing like leaving winter behind for a tropical getaway to reset and refresh oneself. Really excited for the Costa Rica blog posts!

The Look:
Stylestalker shirt.
Creepy Yeha belt.
Zara boots.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. Loving all the little details in this look. And yeah self care is especially important this time of year <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. You're always rocking it. I love this!! And I'm kicking myself for not getting those Zara boots last year.


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  3. You deserve a trip to Costa Rica! You are so busy all the time. I hope it's super fun.

  4. Such a gorgeous look babe!

  5. It's hard sometimes to remember self-care when you're so busy with school and the festive period, I'm so bad at remembering to look after myself but as its super important i'll take an excuse for dog and cat cuddles ;)

    Dana ||

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