weekend update

I've been a bad baby. I told you guys I would blog from Costa Rica, but I encountered major technical difficulties...and my phone is on the fritz! Complete with a glitchy, unresponsive screen that pushes random buttons. In the spirit of packing light, I brought only my iPhone so I could consolidate my phone and camera units. Of course it randomly breaks when I'm abroad. If it's not one thing, it's another, amirite? I'm completely phoneless until I get back to the States next week; fingers crossed it's merely a screen issue.

That being said, I have been having the best time here. I knew that a change of scenery, a major slowdown of pace, and some R&R would turn my mood right back around. I really wish I could take you guys along for the ride via my socials, but I've been having to beg, borrow, and steal (okay, maybe not steal) people's phones to achieve the minimal updating I've been doing on Instagram as is. I'm hoping to recover the photos on my broken phone so I can bring you a comprehensive post of my trip.

Until then!

The Look:
ASOS bodysuit (similar tops here and here).
Zana Bayne harness.
Culottes (similar here).
Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

photography by Randy Tran.


  1. adore this outfit! photos are amazing! x http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/skinny-dip-london-haul.html

  2. You have the coolest style! Rock it out girl~


  3. Always looks amazings when you layer up an harness, you can always pull em off! Hope you can recover your phone and all the data from it, sounds like a pain but also super nice to not have to worry about it!

    Dana || fashion-dew.blogspot.com

  4. Killer as always!

    Your outerwear is my favourite. You have so many great, cool pieces that elevate everything you wear.

    Have a great time abroad! I hope your phone is fixed because Snapchat is less interesting without you around!

    Shanelle || SLovesAutumn

  5. You are so beautiful, I'm fed up for telling this everytime I comment your posts hahaha
    Love the outfit

  6. Great outfit ! you look stunning :) Love your coat and shoes! Check out my blog, maybe you like it :) Thanks for sharing this great post.

    Camy xx


  7. This outfit is hella dope! Love that harness. You are too fierce.


  8. Killer look! I love your new hair as well! I also post about fashion. Feel free to check out my blog at https://hertheblog.wordpress.com/

  9. I absolutely love this look! The body suit, the harness.. love love it!