2015 was a year of exponential growth.

This year was a year full of firsts. Some bad, some good, some great...and all difficult, scary, and profound.

This final month of 2015 encompassed some of the year's most challenging moments, some of which include career moves, demanding school finals, shifts in personal relationships, and planning a cross-country move in the next few months (hopefully this explains the decreased activity on my blog this month...so sorry about it). I've been trying to take everything in stride and see that life decided I wasn't done learning and growing in 2015 yet.

I just found out that this weekend, someone I was best friends with for many years passed away in a horrific accident. He was only 25.

You guys...everything we know can change in an instant. Life is short and precious. Hold your loved ones close and let them know you care. Chase your dream. Don't let the haters break your spirit. Be kind to yourself. Travel. Cut off poisonous people. Do random acts of kindness. Get out of your comfort zone. Kiss the boy/girl/gender nonbinary crush. Make time for your art. Live every day like it's your last.

I love you. Make 2016 your year.

photography by Megan Batson.


  1. My condolences to your friend. My grandpa has been bedridden in the hospital the day since I got back from school and will not be waking up anytime soon. I go to school five hours away so I don't get to see my family often. He was diagnosed with lung cancer since 2008 and his health has been deteriorating for the past year and I thought I could see him one last time. Maybe it was fate that didn't let me see him because I couldn't handle it. I don't know, but you are right about holding your loved ones and showing them that you care. Your friend and my grandpa are in better places now.

  2. I'm sorry for your lost, Eugenie.

    The tumultuous epiphany that comes with loss is bittersweet, and I think you're handling this (at least online, anyway) with graceful strides. It's wonderful to hear that your 2015 has been such a journey and learning process. I wish you the best for 2016.

    Cheers! x

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. This is such a rad shoot with exceptional style. Wishing you the best this next year!


  4. I'm so sorry for your loss Eugenie. I lost one of my friends this year as well and there is nothing that can be done to allow for someone to fully understand that pain. I wish you the best in this tough time and I hope you thrive and survive in 2016.

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