Here's a holiday look that was previously unreleased. I love the feminine, whimsical elements like the pom pom headband, skirt, and pumps being toughened up by a hardware-heavy harness belt and patent leather touches.

Anyway--I'm alive! Started out 2016 with a bout of illness that still lingers. I've barely been able to get out of bed for the last week and a half. I finally have the mental acuity to blog today, thanks to meds and lots of rest. All these days spent in bed left me with ample time to ponder over this year's resolutions (and watch Making a Murderer). I'm not usually one for that "New year, new me" BS, but there are definitely habits that I'd like to change, and the first of the year is as good a day as any. My New Year's resolutions are to be better at time management and to answer my plethora of emails the day I get them. What are your resolutions?

The Look:
ASOS headband.
Asilio top and skirt.
Creepy Yeha belt.

photography by Randy Tran.


  1. Oh babe this is the most rocking outfit I've seen all year! Such a rad combo of metallic and fur~

  2. Loove these pictures! X

  3. Love this! The metallic top and skirt are amazing!

    || D I A N A ||

  4. This outfit is killer, I'd wear it as much as i possible could if i owned it!
    Im not one for 'resolutions' either but I have decided to make a concious effort to be more myself rather than just being someone that other people want, I think it's a good place to start :)

    Glad you're better!
    Dana ||

  5. You slayed this look. I love it <3
    Hearts from XOXO

  6. What a cute and stylish look! I love the shoes!

  7. Amazing photos! Your outfit really suits you!

  8. Well I am glad to have stumbled across your blog today. First of all, hope you are feeling much better and now back to this outfit! loving the texture of the top and skirt, is it metallic knitwear...anyhoo, I'm all about it and that harness belt is toooo good!
    I have goals this year not really resolutions and I would tell you, but then I"d have to....( :

  9. This outfit is so cool! Chic.