an honest moment

I know I owe you guys a Costa Rica recap, but we're not out of the finals week woods just yet. I have my last (and worst) final on Tuesday, plus an in-class presentation, so this weekend is largely dedicated to prepping for those. Thanks for bearing with me!

I also wanted to address something. I received a comment on an older post that said, "I remembered when you used to write a lot. Now it's just simple paid stuff." It bothered me. That's not the first (nor will it be the last) time stuff like that has been said. I want to talk about this.

That post was something that was unpaid, and even unsponsored (i.e. no free clothing). I snapped the photos of an outfit I paid for on a borrowed phone in the middle of a stressful period of attempting to work and study for finals with crappy wifi during a vacation I paid for + having a completely broken phone in a foreign country. I did it out of love for this blog, and for you guys.

Having more exposure, and therefore ever-increasing comments in both good and bad veins, has resulted in the interesting dichotomy of people 1) expecting me to produce content that's up to THEIR standards and 2) shaming me for making money this way. It's like, if I do something paid then I'm shamed for it, and if it's an unpaid post then it sucks to them. This blog is my job; it's how I pay rent, and am able to eat, and have the disposable income to help others, and am also allowed the gift of enjoying my life. Plus, I get to bring cool clothing, products, and contests I support to you! But I also juggle this around-the-clock career with full-time school, volunteering, extracurricular activities, etc. I hardly even get to hang with my friends, and am so thankful that a lot of them do what I do and I get to see them around at industry events, at least (and even my event attendance rate has been suffering).

I just wanted to shed some light on the complexities of this window into my life that I share with you, and I hope you better understand where I'm coming from. Feral Creature is an endeavor I've invested in since back when I was a teenager hustling and working 3 jobs, and really busting my ass to survive. Blogging was an escape, a welcome reprieve from the harshness of the real world, and an outlet in which to hopefully create something beautiful and inspiring in a dog-eat-dog world. I did it before I ever fathomed it could be a career, and I would still do it regardless of pay. Feral Creature was founded as a passion project through and through, and it continues to be one to this day. This blog is 100% love, and it touches me that so many of you all across the globe love it too. I promise to always do my best to create for you.

The Look:
AllSaints blazer.
Stylestalker pants (similar here).
Zana Bayne harness.
Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
Freck Yourself freckles.

photography by Randy Tran


  1. Love this and love you! It's healthy to talk about these things. For yourself and for others... I bet that commenter wasn't thinking too much when they wrote that. Some people are bothered by change.

  2. I'm so sorry people made you feel like you have to explain yourself to them. I have always admired everything you've done and the fact that you've worked so hard to get to where you are is truly amazing. Women like yourself constantly inspire me to push myself a little harder and to always keep on being 100% me no matter what. There is also no shame in making money and getting paid to do what you love. It's unfortunate that some people are never going to be pleased and have to harshly criticize others. You are amazing Eugenie!!

    Much love and support,


  3. I am relatively new to your ig page and blog, but I am sorry that people feel it necessary to voice their "opinion" without truly knowing what they even talking about. And even then no one has the right to place judgement on others. I am an older woman, 47, who would love to be doing this but am terrified of the haters ... So I do nothing. I personally am freaking impressed that you manage this and full time college.
    You are amazing! Good luck on the final and in class presentation.
    ~ Charli

  4. You should never feel the need to explain yourself girl, those of us who blog understand how much of a struggle it can be sometimes but you always kill it, you do you and be proud of how much you've achieved!

    Dana ||

  5. Keep up the amazing blog! It's great to hear your story of where you came from and where you are now and it's inspirational! Good luck with everything! Love seeing your posts! Just do you girl! Sending you good vibes!

    Btw, this just sparked an old interest in blogging myself.

  6. This is so awesome!! You look beyond amazing.

    || D I A N A ||

  7. I love this Eugenie. You are amazing and beautiful. Never stop being you because you are such an inspiration.

  8. Some day your true story will inspire others. Keep up the good work and keep your spirit high!
    We are created to do what we love to do and income comes through that love channel. Only thing is.we should never be a copy cat of someoneelse but to be original in what we love to do. We are all created to be great. So proud of you.

  9. I think this is an all around paradox for people who has a career built on social media. It's an interesting thing to observe -- but only because I'm not in your shoes. I think you took the right step to clarify the sitch, Eugenie, and I think it's only right we all understand the complexities of the world of blogging. Juggling a full-time, semi-nouveau career with school and social life must be a tough thing to do and I think you've been doing great.

    Lots of luck for finals!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  10. Regardless it's paid or not, I've always enjoyed your pics and words ( <- to me personally for learning English! ). You are bad ass and are huge inspiration from every aspect ( by the way, I changed my hair to blonde and already miss my mermaid hair :( ) I really appreciate you sharing this blog post though just so I feel like I got little closer to know you better <3 Good luck with finals! You will kiss ass. Kisses and lots of hugs from a rainy city! xoxo

  11. You are so amazing and an absolute blogger role model for me! Seeing you balance school and a blog and everything else in your crazy beautiful life is a wonderful reminder that I can live my dream. Thank you for being always yourself and addressing the petty things others say. This is YOUR domain, and you are free do do with it what you like--> and you always do something fantastic <3
    xoxo Much love!

  12. Love this entire outfit. I love your style and individuality which is very rare.


  13. this outfit is everything! can't believe someone would moan at u for the last outfit post (which again i loved btw!) ive seen alot of bloggers go to heavy on the sponsored stuff to the point where they pretty much dont buy anything anymore which is sad as there blog lacks passion - but yours is a nice blend of both sponcered and stuff u have bought and its clear fashion is your no 1! your style is incredible and u are a very unique blogger & one of my faves! x

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  15. I love this outfit so much, you look amazing!

    Maë -

  16. I just spent most of my day at work stalking your blog, and am SO impressed with your style, your hard work, and the way you have grown your blog. You are a queen!

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