Finals week is OVER (I know you're tired of my talking about school all the time!), which means I immediately hop into my holiday travels in a joint celebration of semester's end and Christmas.

And what are holiday festivities without glitzy attire? This season is the perfect excuse to wear all the shiny, metallic things. My favorite picks from Nasty Gal are this sparkly faux fur coat thrown over this molten gunmetal dress. It's the perfect way to dress for the holiday for greyscale lovers like us. I toughened up the feminine vibes with my usual leather and hardware--I'm finding it harder and harder to do without a piece or two in every look.

The Look:
Nasty Gal coat.
Nasty Gal dress.
Wearing my own lipcolor Creature, available in a lipstick and lipliner.

photography by Megan Batson.


  1. You are SLAYING so hard it's not even a joke anymore; girl, this is the fiercest, most sassy Chrsitmas getup I've seen and I love it. That dress is EVERYTHING.

    And congrats on finishing finals; have yourself a nice Christmas break, Eugenie!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  2. Nice! I have one more final left then I am DONE! well, until next semester lol. Cute outfit, love that coat.


  3. So gorgeous! Nasty Gal is my JAM and I adore your picks from their collection!


  4. The dress and coat are gorgeous! Love it!

    Maë - www.blackhairblackdress.com

  5. You rocked the whole look!!


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