first of the month

If January is the Monday of the year, I'm looking forward to the rest of 2016 even more.

In this post I'm wearing not one, but two pieces from my friends over at New Classics! Founded by my babe Alyssa of Ordinary People, New Classics combines sustainable, fair trade garments with effortless style. I purchased this trench the moment the store launched months (or maybe a year?) ago. The newest addition to my ever-growing New Classics collection is this silver perforated leather foldover bag that's basically a super-chic-lunch-bag-turned-clutch. So me, right?

Totally unrelated segue, but happy February 1st and happy Black History Month! Let's get woke this month!


  1. Awareness of institutionalized racism, societal power structures of oppression, race and gender politics, and social justice issues, and how they all intersect and affect each other.
  2. (At least, that's my personal definition. Defining "woke" is hard!)

In an effort to not only educate myself further but also spread the wokeness, I am going to highlight one influential black person each day in the month of February over on my Facebook page. Today's feature is on Henrietta Lacks. I appreciate that my readers and followers are some of the most woke I've seen on the Internet, and I'm excited to share this with you all. :)

The Look:
New Classics trenchcoat.
New Classics foldover bag (in all colorways here).
Storets skirt.
Vogos shoes.

Photography by Megan Batson.


  1. Beautiful post and powerful message! Love all of this and can't wait to see more~

  2. Such gorgeous photos! Love!

  3. Love this entire outfit! xo.

  4. Love the shoes!!

  5. Loved the cracked print on your top!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  6. That trench is perfect, love that it's un-structured but has a great loose fit to it.

  7. Love the whole looks ! Great photos !

  8. Stunning look. And I really love your hair
    xx Alice

  9. Love this! Those shoes are adorable <3

  10. love the shoes so much!!

  11. I like a lot the line of the skirt